Lessons Learned
from Organizing
an Community Conference

a.k.a. PyCon SK story

@RicCo386 / SPy o.z.

Creative Commons License

The idea was born...

Conferences and meetups abroad

First attempt to contact PSF

Idea was confirmed at DjangoCon Europe 2015

Building the community...

Regular meetups

Making new friends

(First) PyCon SK 2016

Maintaining the community...

Lectures & Mentoring

Various contributions

PyCon SK 2017

Things started to happen...

Python growth in education

Raise of Python jobs

Improved diversity

Future challenges...

Maintain healthy state of the community

PyCon SK 2018

Thank you for your attention...

@RicCo386 / SPy o.z.


Lessons Learned from Organizing an Community Conference, a.k.a. PyCon SK story created by Richard Kellner.
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